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"Working with Tibi is delightful! She has a knack for telling a visual story that is remarkable! She is professional, responsive, and über talented!"  


"Tibisay Strazzera filmed and edited my kickstarter video in 2014.

It was exciting and satisfying working with Tibi.  She did a wonderful job of combining creativity, organization and professionalism. Her work pushed the creative envelope and yet delivered the message I desired succinctly and directly. Tibi has wonderful communication skills which I highly value in any collaboration endeavor. Easy communication made working with Tibi a pleasurable experience. I strongly recommending Tibi's video skills"

Watch Michael's Playa Art Video Here

Michael Emery - Artist/Educator  Santa Cruz, Ca.




"I hired Tibisay  to create a video about my business. My business is very hard to describe and capture. Tibisay took on the project with enthusiasm and excitement. She interviewed my customers, and then told the story of business with flair! Now it is very easy for potential customers to understand the range of services we offer. Working with Tibi is delightful! She has a knack for telling a visual story that is remarkable! She is professional, responsive, and über talented!" 


Claire Laughlin

Communication Consultant and Trainer for Cabrillo College





"Working with Tibisay was an absolute pleasure. Her passion for her work was contagious, and I found myself getting very inspired during our shoot. At the same time, she also had an incredible ability to put me at ease. The process was fun and the results were fabulous! The photos we got we're really amazing, and everyone who saw them was impressed. We really didn't even do much to prep, and yet even out of

our spontaneous play, Tibisay captured some very professional images. I would work with Tibi again in a  heartbeat. And I would recommend her to anyone who wants
high-quality photographic services."  


Susan L.- Business Owner





"Working with Tibisay was a real treat! She shot and produced a martial arts promotional video that helped me land a guest teaching job out

of state. We a had blast filming and editing. I was very impressed with her ability to coherently break down the ins and outs of what it takes to

make a high quality video to someone like me who had no previous experience. I have a new found respect for film makers and the amount of care she demonstrated to make sure it was a
success for myself and the viewers! She truly has a gift and her passion shines through her work. Thanks Tibi!"


Marcus McDunough- Martial Arts and Sports Fascial Release





"Tibi’s work is the perfect mix of creativity and professionalism. Her ability to execute ideas through the lens is innovative
and surprising.
  Personable, wildly creative and ingenuitive, this combination is the ideal ingredients behind the lens and in production.


Gifted in helping people feel comfortable behind the camera, she skillfully brings out the best in people. She masterfully works with her clients,

shifting any nervousness or trepidation that they may feel about being filmed, and transforms it into clear expression of their ideas or image. Tibi captures the sweet moments through her
presence and care, crafting works of art.


Her unique eye helps tell the story, bringing ideas into clearly executed expressions. Playful, engaging, a great listener of her client’s needs, and

activated in her execution, she is my favorite people to collaborate with."


Amanda G. MFA Dance Grad.


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