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"Now it is very easy for potential customers to understand the range of services we offer.

Martial Arts

Promo video for an upcoming Martial Arts workshop.   

Troovi Kickstarter 2015 $20,000.00 Successfully Funded

Successful fundraising campaign for a new fast casual juice bar and health food restaurant on Pearl Parkway in Boulder, Colorado.

Michael's Artwork 

Michael hired me to make him a creative kickstarter video. He is an officially funded artist for the Burning Man organization as well as teacher of the arts. This video expresses some of the more radical creative uses of video art. Enjoy the ride.

How Did I Get Here? 

This is a fun creative piece. I am constantly intrigued by how to use camera and digital media to show "magic" and the presence of different simultaneous dimensions and our relationship to them.  (if we choose)


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